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 Woodwinds at spotlight


Phrasing is what gives music that special characteristic that offer us the possibility of having different interpretations each time a work is performed. Each musical idea obeys rules that have to do with the style, with the epoch, and the tradition, and the performer must know each one of these conventions and develop their own phrasing being aware of the rules and at the same time contributing with their own ideas. Obviously, we are talking about a very subjective element, however it is up to us as teachers and conductors to offer students the necessary tools so that they themselves find the appropriate phrasing according to the tradition and style.


Many times, this phrasing must be collective, played by two or more instruments at the same time, or it can pass from one instrument to another in a single continuous musical phrase. The unification of this phrasing is not an easy task but it can be achieved if you carry out exhaustive and patient work following the indications of the score and the composer, inscribed in a historical context.

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