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 Woodwinds at spotlight

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Many times, musicians have not developed the ability to differentiate the sound levels or volume of both their instrument and their environment. The very position you occupy within the section tends to affect this perception, which is why balance is often an issue in any young orchestra. It is the job of the conductor, who has a privileged physical position outside the ensemble, to adjust the balance of each section to achieve an ideal overall balance. With training and a conscious playing, it is possible to perceive when a passage is unbalanced, when we must adjust our dynamics even when a different one is written in the score.


Another aspect close to balance is the concept of color. The mixture of the different well-balanced timbres of the instrument in the section generates a particular color of its own. Balance plays a fundamental role in the creation of this color, hence we must work patiently until we find the palette required by the conductor or better yet, put at his disposal different color qualities so that he (she) can choose the one that best suits him (her).

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