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 Woodwinds at spotlight

Primer Oboe

We can approach the concept of tuning from different angles. On the one hand, we have the intervallic tuning that the performers must study on their own, which is partly determined by the quality of the instrument. Although, there is an "ideal" intonation, which each musician must develop without having to play their instrument, it is also true that many times students do not train their ears to have this ideal tuning. They limit themselves by practicing their instrument, sometimes with the help of electronic tuners. This can be of help, but sometimes it can become a false reference, since the tuners work with perfect algorithmic formulas and the human ear is not perfect, so in the long run we could fall into contradictions.


When we are members of a woodwind section, we must have the ability to listen to our own instruments as well as the rest of the section and tune with them using everything within our reach to achieve it. The most important thing is to develop that ability to adapt and to be able to adjust our tuning with the main voice or with the strongest sound, and knowing how to blend ours so that it fits into the collective tuning and sound.

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